DETROIT (WWJ) – A police pursuit ends with a suspect dead.

Michigan State Police say the incident started when a deputy saw a man run a red light on McNichols near I-75, ran the license plate which indicated the car had been stolen.

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When the officer went after the car, the driver wouldn’t stop, turning onto I-75 and hitting a pick up truck carrying two men in their 40s.

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Mike Shaw says the damage from the crash is significant.

“The pick-up truck that was driven by the two male victims is totalled,” said Lt. Shaw.”There’s probably 50 feet of fencing that’s going to need to be replaced on the service drive. And the vehicle of the suspect was totalled as well.”

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A WWJ Tipster was on his way home from work in Warren and just avoided being hit by one of the cars involved:

“There was a tan car that was flipping – it come to rest on a fence on (I-75) on the embankment … There was also a black pick-up truck involved that was doing flips as well. Both of them, just completely destroyed,” described the man.

The pair in the pick-up are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The trooper is unhurt.

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Police say the suspect died on impact.