By Marisa Fusinski

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Imprisoned ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may be offline while in lockup, but his social media pages haven’t gone dark.

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Kilpatrick’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick Ferguson, who signed on to her brother’s Facebook account Wednesday morning, made it clear that his family has not accepted the jury’s decision.

She wrote: “Dear Family, Friends and Supporters: Thank you for your encouragement, support, prayers and love through this trial and throughout the years.  My brother is innocent of these charges and we will continue to fight. As these moments of pain and anguish subside, let’s focus on God’s awesome power at work. We trust HIM. Extending sincere gratitude from our entire family.”

Although many Detroiters talking to WWJ Newsradio 950 have expressed disappointment with Kilpatrick, it appears the former Mayor’s latest conviction has not lost him the support of his core group of fans.

Ayanna Kilpatrick Ferguson’s post had received 1,700 “likes” by 10 a.m., and a multitude of replies — mostly positive.

“What happened to your brother is just disgusting,” posted Julie Isaacs. “I have only read about lynchings but to actually see one live on TV was just disturbing to say the least ….. Rapist and murders get better treatment than what Kwame got ….. They didn’t even allow this man time to get his affairs in order , say goodbye to his wife and kids is sickening !!!! I support Kwame and your family and will hold all of you up in prayer !! Please try to stay strong!!!”

Conrad Johnston wrote, “I don’t live in the city of Detroit but I do patronize there frequently and one thing I know for sure is that the city was in deep mess way before Brotha Kwame was elected into office. As a matter of fact he helped institute some of the revitalization that took place in the city…”

Other comments were a bit less supportive; some people saying they voted for Kilpatrick but now accept that he’s done wrong.

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Irving C. Hughes II wrote,”Got to do your time. He had a nice run. See you in 20 to 30 years. He will do a little less than 87% of his time. He a big fella, he’ll be OK.”

Chimed in Mike Irvin, “Man, Detroit deserves its fate. Look at the people of this city continue to support those that ruin it. I lived in that craphole city for 5 years. Most racist place I’ve ever been. Black = innocent, white = guilty.”

Kilpatrick, who awaits sentencing on a laundry list of charges — including racketeering conspiracy — is being housed at the federal prison in Milan.

Also convicted in the case was Kilpatrick’s friend and former Detroit contractor Bobby Ferguson, who is also imprisoned.

Kilpatrick’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, was found guilty on a tax charge. He is free on bond.

A sentencing date for Kwame Kilpatrick has not yet been set.

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What’s It Like For Kwame In Federal Prison?