DETROIT (WWJ)A song about thrift shopping is a huge hit on the radio, YouTube and iTunes — but what’s the reaction from the people who operate thrift stores?

Jacqulynn Idzior, at the Salvation Army in downtown Detroit, says she loves it.

“I think it’s pretty comical, but it’s also very true,” she told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Roberta Jasnia.

Jacqulynn Idzior,

Jacqulynn Idzior,

“I liked that he talks about being savvy with your money — and instead of buying a $50 t-shirt, you know, I’m gonna go to the thrift store and get that for 99 cents,” Idzior said.

Idzior said a lot of younger people are doing more and more vintage clothes shopping.

“I think it’s wonderful and it’s appealing to a whole new generation,” she said. “It makes it appeal to the masses now — definitely college [kids]. We have a store in Ann Arbor that really thrives on the college students there.”

Idzior said the Salvation Army could really use more donations of your grandad’s clothes — and yours as well.  Clothing is their number one selling item.

(More about the song here).

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