DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a transformational project for Detroit. And it’s going to take a lot of work and a heavy investment in the building known as Carr Cultural Arts Center.

Oliver Ragsdale, Jr., president of the Carr Center in downtown Detroit, says he hopes to raise enough money to help renovate the Harmonie Park building.

The Carr Center has a fully functioning creative and cultural center but Ragsdale is looking to tackle the refurbishing of the once stately theater inside.

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Ragsdale takes the people though what he calls the magic door: “When you think about the Carr Center as … your home for the arts in Detroit – we would be able to do something and be such an attraction and such an asset to the community in general and taking Detroit to the world.”

“This is probably the oldest – still existing theater in town,” said Ragsdale.

But the oldest theater needs a lot of work.

The renovation is expected to cost in the six million dollar range.

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“This space is 118 years old,” he tells WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas. “This building is 30 years older than the Opera House, the Fox Theatre, the Music Hall and Orchestra Hall.

Ragsdale says he’s inviting people to come down to the Carr Center to learn more about the project and how they can help.

The Carr Center website says that the development of the Carr Center is the next step in the evolution of the organization and moves to establish it and ALM as major participants in the cultural life of our community and the nation.


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