DETROIT (WWJ) – Bunny sales always jump during the Easter season — but the Michigan Humane Society Detroit Shelter Director Deborah MacDonald cautions against the trend. She says hundreds of Peter Cottontails are put up for adoption each year — because they do need a lot of love and exercise.

So what do bunnies eat?

“They need to have the rabbit pellets because that’s a balanced diet,” said MacDonald.”But then they also like to have their fresh fruits and vegetables and alfalfa – it’s good to give them a good variety.”

“They get them – they are cute at Easter time, there are some impulse decisions that are made and people think they can live in the wild and these are domestic rabbits,” she said. “They are spayed and neutered before they leave our shelter and we go through an education process with everybody and we just want to make sure … that we place the right bunny with the right home.”

MacDonald says hundreds of bunnies are dropped off each year — because they are pretty demanding pets — and require exercise and mental stimulation.

Bunnies can live up to 10 years said MacDonald and people have to realize that it’s a real-time commitment – but they can be excellent pets.

“They will go to their litter box – it’s an effort but yes, some of them do better than others,” she added.

If you want to see pictures of adoptable animals – click on HERE and check out our Pets of the Week.


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