OKEMOS — Okemos-based TechSmith Monday announced the launch of a new version of its sport analysis application Coach’s Eye, Coach’s Eye 3.0 for iOS and Android devices.

The release includes top user requests, including split screen video comparison and video-naming, along with new ways to explore content created by hundreds of thousands of Coach’s Eye users worldwide.

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Available today, Coach’s Eye 3.0 makes it easier and faster than ever to record, analyze and improve performance. The Coach’s Eye app links seamlessly to a device’s camera, allowing coaches and athletes to record video footage of an athlete or team’s movement or technique. The footage can then be reviewed, replayed in slow-motion and annotated on a mobile device; giving instant feedback and helping athletes improve their performance, faster.

Since its launch in November 2011, more than 9 million videos have been analyzed in the app, changing how people coach, train, teach and learn around the world.

Coach’s Eye 3.0 Key Features
*Two is Better than One: Split Screen, Side-by-Side Video Analysis
  – Two separate videos can now be reviewed and analyzed side-by-side in  Coach’s Eye with the addition of the split screen video comparison feature.
  – Performing side-by-side analysis works in portrait or landscape  orientation by using two separate flywheels to control each video, or ‘lock’  both videos to control playback with a single flywheel.
  – Import public videos from the Coach’s Eye community to perform your  own side-by-side analysis and share with your team or the world.
* Get Inspired: Global Sporting Community is Web- and Device-Ready: Coach’s Eye has been updated with new features to make sharing and finding popular video content easier and faster, in-app and on the Web.
  – Coach’s Eye users can use their free TechSmith account to manage and curate content, edit privacy settings and view public videos.
  -The Liking feature allows both Coach’s Eye app users and non-users to keep track of their favorite videos, whether they’re of a particular sport, training technique or from a specific coach.
  – Find excellent videos faster with three new badges for public videos. Staff Picks, made by the Coach’s Eye team, Leaderboard, showing the most popular videos in the Coach’s Eye community, and Combined Achievements for videos with both.
* Optimized for Speed: New User Interface: The updated Coach’s Eye app features an all new user interface (UI) and sleek look and feel, designed to make recording and analyzing video easier and faster.
  – The camera record button is consistent throughout the Videos, Explore, Resources and Shared tabs, meaning coaches and athletes can capture footage at a moment’s notice.
  – Import, bookmark and share video content, or copy links to share videos on Facebook, Twitter, in a text message, email or IM.
  – The new Multi-Select Mode allows you to add two videos to analyze in comparison mode at once, or delete multiple videos – ideal for those who capture a lot of footage during a training session.
  – Easily rename videos, making them easier to find for you and others.
  – The all-new video details view makes it quick and easy to navigate through your media library on an iPad.

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“With the new features of Coach’s Eye, we really wanted to compress the feedback loop,” said Brooks Andrus, Coach’s Eye product champion at TechSmith. “It’s all about helping coaches and athletes get better, faster. The new UI puts recording video at the heart of the app, so a coach will never miss a moment of an athlete’s performance. The new split screen comparison feature means more than one performance, or more than one athlete, can be analyzed and reviewed at once. This was a popular request from users, and will really help athletes perfect the tiniest nuances of their performance.”

Coach’s Eye is a mobile application produced by TechSmith, the 25-year-old company behind visual communication software including Camtasia, Snagit and Jing. The new video analysis application extends TechSmith’s traditional software product lines to the mobile platform, allowing visual instruction on-the-go. Coach’s Eye is used by hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android users, from youth coaches to Olympic champions, making it the most popular video analysis tool on mobile today.

Coach’s Eye 3.0 is available today from the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99.

Coach’s Eye for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 6.0 or later. Coach’s Eye for Android is compatible with Android devices with a rear-facing camera running 4.0.3 or better.

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More at www.CoachsEye.com or www.techsmith.com.