By: Jeff Riger

It’s always good to get a chance to catch up with the Wings number one goalie as the playoffs coming close. Howard talked for about 5 minutes on an array of topics from the trade deadline to why he would not want his kid to be a goalie and then there is his taste in baseball teams. Below are some of the more interesting comments from the net minder.

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A lot of people will bring up the fact that the Kings as an 8th seed last season won the cup, do Wings players actively think about that? “Now a day’s you just got to get in, everyone is so good you just got to get in the playoffs and then anything can happen.”
Howard on his bizarre pregame routine: “I have no idea where that started; I probably had a good game or a shut out doing it and the next thing you know it snowballed to what it is now I guess.”

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Howard on if he would let his kid play goalie? “No, I have James tune into the PGA channel all the time, the golf channel, this is what you are going to do! I remember there was times when my Mom, she couldn’t watch the game, shed have to sit in the lobby area if we were in the playoffs. That was in college, I think since then my parents have gotten really good at just watching the game.”
Watch the entire Howard video to find out more about his pregame rituals, his reasons why the Wings can win it all and how much he relishes those late game must win situations. Oh and wait until the end where he bashes the Yanks. You won’t want to miss that.

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