PONTIAC — The cyber-security software developer RazorThreat has announced the latest release of its software, RazorThreat Vision.

The company says the new release improves insider threat visibility providing insight into rogue and malicious activity.
Insider threats typically come in two types — credentialed employees that have gone rogue or external threats (malware) that have penetrated the perimeter and are propagating unnoticed inside the network. According to a new report by Open Security Foundation, insiders (credentialed users) were responsible for two-thirds of the 267 million records that were exposed in 2012. Conversely, external agents (malware) accounted for 76.8 percent of the 2,644 breaches in 2012.
“If you are not actively looking at the communication (activity) occurring within your network you are going to wind up on the wrong end of a call from your legal department,” said Greg Guidice, president and CEO of RazorThreat. “Most security systems today are not designed to detect insider threats. They focus on having to know something about the threat in order to detect it which just isn’t realistic today when you are dealing with employee social engineering and customized malware or advanced persistent threats that don’t trigger known signatures or behavior analytics.”
RazorThreat Vision is specifically designed to detect unknown and unauthorized activity reducing the time between insider threat detection and remediation.
RazorThreat, based in Pontiac, provides cyber-security software that detects unknown and unauthorized activity occurring in a network whether it originated externally to the organization or internally.

More at www.razorthreat.com.