By: Terry Foster

That question came up as Tiger fans flock to downtown to watch the Tigers. On big ticket days some folks don’t even make it to Comerica Park. Sometimes it is just as much fun to watch games in the bar with other fans as it is to make it to the ball park. Today is one of those days because bad weather delayed the start of the Tigers-Toronto Blue Jays game. Even if you have tickets it is best to grab a brew and burger and hang at the bar.

Here are my favorite downtown bars to watch the game.

** Buffalo Wild Wings: They did it right with two levels of televisions that are positioned perfectly. If you want to enjoy the roar of the crowd then watch on the first level. If you want it quieter then go upstairs to one of two bar areas.

** Harry’s Detroit: Harry’s is an old school bar that is set on the footsteps of the proposed downtown arena. The great thing about Harry’s is the televisions set behind the bar. The food is great also and Harry is usually seen prowling the place to make sure everybody is having a good time.

** Cheli’s Chili Bar: Usually the crowds dump into Cheli’s and it is an easy place to find. I love the tent outside and the live band that adds to the festive atmosphere of game day.
Nemo’s: This is an old school bar located in Cork town with some of the best burgers around. This is like a cathedral of baseball. They even have baseball books behind the bar.

Tap in MGM Grand Casino: The food is great and you can even take the kids, believe it or not. The bar is alive and if you can find a spot there go for it. You will have the time of your life.

** The Detroiter Bar: When I am nice and casual mood this is the place you will find me. I always go with the cheeseburger and a cold beer. People here are very friendly.
Detroit Brew Company: It must be a good spot because I can ever get it, but the rare times I do I have a blast.

McShane’s in Corktown: The Wings are to die for and this is a good spot to relax in and enjoy a long lazy game of baseball.


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