By: Eric Thomas

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The Internet can, through instantly available information and communication, educate people, start revolutions and bring vast swaths of individuals together to share in the human experience. It can also show exactly how idiotic some in the American gene pool have become.

Less than an hour after the bombs went off in Boston, conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones started scouring for proof (using that term very loosely) that the terrorist attack in Boston was perpetrated by the government. They almost immediately used the term “false flag” to describe the attack, a term used to describe a frame job by a government corporation and discussed at length by this blogger yesterday.

Apparently the sniffer hounds have treed a piece of evidence and have begun barking their alert. The evidence is an episode of “Family Guy” called ‘Turban Cowboy’ that, according to the conspiracy theorists, predicts the attack on the Boston Marathon. Most people whose intelligence level is above room temperature might point out that “Family Guy” makes roughly 150 jokes per episode, many just flailing shots, often unrelated to the plot of the show or anything in general, so the idea that something said could prove prescient is inevitable.

An episode of “American Dad” made the rounds yesterday, making fun of conspiracy theorists. The episode aired on the day before the attack, where a character referenced two explosions. The clip was edited in the clichéd Zeitgeist movie style, taking things wildly out of context and drawing out certain lines of dialog to make it look sinister.  This was viewed with a chuckle and effectively lampooned the nonsense coming out of the mouth of conspiracy theorists for the last twenty-four hours.

The “Family Guy” clip should have been the same thing. It was probably a joke on conspiracy theorists. No one in their right mind would have ever even considered that Seth MacFarlane was part of the government conspiracy, right? That would have been the consensus until Alex Jones tweeted it out.

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Alex Jones, the great goblin of conspiracy theorists, wearing his crown of tin, used his amazing reach to push the theory that an edited clip of “Family Guy,” in an episode poking fun at terrorism, is the latest proof that the government and the media and the illuminati and the freemasons and the Bildaberg Group and the Girl Scouts of the USA are all conspiring to take your own personal Freedom away. This should be the “Wizard of Oz” moment for Jones, the moment when Toto pulls the curtain away to reveal a man working the levers talking into a microphone and who looks absolutely nothing like James Franco. If the conspiracy theorists had any ability to see with the same skepticism that they direct at every piece of evidence that counters their theory, they would see that this is the final proof that Jones and his allies are crackpots.

Sorry, that didn’t happen. The conspiracy theorists lapped it up like kittens under a cow udder. There isn’t any theory too out there in the world of Alex Jones. Google search the “Family Guy” clip and you will find Twitter and message board posts saying things like “eerie” and “scary” and no words like “coincidence” and “ridiculous.”

Then YouTube pulled the clip. That apparently confirmed everything.

They pulled the clip today and immediately the message boards on Infowars went crazy because everything is obviously connected and when people started to notice the evidence had to be eliminated, rather than removing a clip containing copyrighted material that some other source had edited.

These people have no decency. While people in Boston stand with candles resting on stomachs and the country sings Sweet Caroline with salty cheeks, these people turn their tragedy into their past time. It’s understandable that life is boring and it would be amazing if you, in a series of Google searches, managed to uncover the secrets of the vast world around you. We all want to be intrepid, but through your actions you look insipid.

Understand that acts such as these are random, rare and mean. Just because the US government participated in the Gulf of Tonkin doesn’t mean that they engage in that policy constantly. By spreading your skepticism thin, you ignore actual injustices in the world which are happening right outside your door. Turn any of that ire into empathy and you can make an actual difference in the lives of people around you.

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Of course, that wouldn’t sell enough books to keep Alex Jones relevant so never mind.