DETROIT (WWJ) – A group of Detroit Firefighters are thanking the community Sunday morning, after making an urgent plea for latex gloves over the weekend.

EMS normally supplies the firefighters with the safety necessity, but they had no more to give, and that left firefighters in the tricky and unsanitary situation.  Some even resorted to using their fire gloves to help victims.

Many WWJ listeners heard the story Saturday and dropped by Engine Company 53 on Greenfield at Fenkell to drop off supplies.

Many Firefighters, like one 10 year veteran, told WWJ that asking for the help wasn’t easy:

“It’s very hard, because it’s a portrait of our city,” said the Detroit firefighter. “I live here, I work here, I love this city basically there is a lot more that can be done it’s just being mismanaged.”

And the mismanagement meant Firefighters were subjected to unsanitary conditions — and had to resort to using their fire gloves to provide immediate aid to wounded victims.




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