TROY — Billhighway, the provider of cloud-based financial management services for nonprofits, Thursday announced a partnership with the Automation Alley Fund, the nonprofit adjunct to Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology trade group.

Billhighway is implementing the financial technology infrastructure needed for the Automation Alley Fund to collect donations from a variety of sources and automate manual accounts receivable processes.

Gifts to the Automation Alley Fund sustain and grow Automation Alley programs and services, including talent development programs, entrepreneurial services, international business services, defense and manufacturing services and other business development programs — all of which contribute to economic growth and improved quality of life in Southeast Michigan.

Today, donations to the Automation Alley Fund cannot be made online. With Billhighway’s Enterprise financial management solution, donations will be accepted and processed safely and securely by check via lockbox facility and online by way of an integrated web form. Payment and donor data will be automated to post to both the database of record and general ledger with no human intervention. These enhancements greatly reduce the risk of error, improve data quality and increase cash flow for the organization.

Notes Kim Cross, Director, Philanthropy at Automation Alley, “We chose to work with Billhighway because of their commitment to quality, dedication to understanding our particular needs, and collaborative approach to working with us. Personally working with the Billhighway team members who would be assigned to our project helped us know that they sincerely cared about helping us raise funds for our organization.”

Added Tracy-Ann Palmer, chief growth officer at Billhighway. “Through automation of manual tasks and systems integration, we’re empowering the Automation Alley Fund to concentrate on the business of raising funds and fostering relationships.”

Billhighway’s suite of nonprofit financial management solutions lets organizations dramatically improve accounting, payment processing and online banking. The cloud financial management solution easily configures and scales to address donor, membership and financial processing needs. Nonprofit organizations use Billhighway’s financial management system to reduce expenses, increase cash flow and mitigate risk. More than 3,500 nonprofits trust Billhighway to seamlessly manage $6 billion in transactions.

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Since its founding in 1999, Automation Alley has expanded to include nearly 1,000 businesses, educational institutions and government entities from the City of Detroit and the surrounding eight county region. Automation Alley promotes regional prosperity through entrepreneurial and exporting assistance, workforce development and technology acceleration.

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