DETROIT (WWJ) – There are lots of important decisions women have to make during pregnancy, and deciding how to deliver is one of them.

WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee has a look at new advice about choosing whether have a cesarean section or c-section.

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New guidance on c-sections says planning for a vaginal delivery is best, but it’s important to understand why women request a c-section, when there isn’t an obvious threat to the health of the mother or the baby.

It’s part of this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association.

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The author, Mass General’s doctor Jeffrey Ecker, lists the reasons some women may request a cesarean delivery, including concerns about pain, vaginal tearing and other risks to themselves and their babies.

Estimates suggest c-section on request probably occurs less than one percent of the time.

Doctor Ecker says having an on-going conversation about delivery options with a patient, and discussing how many pregnancies she’s planning is most important.

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That’s because the risks from cesarean delivery go up with every c-section a woman has.