INKSTER (WWJ) – Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is expected to deliver a 50-page plan next week offering an in-depth look into the city’s failing finances. As we first told you on WWJ, that report is expected to show that Detroit is in much worse financial shape than previously thought.

Meantime, Inkster’s mayor is against the idea of emergency managers for cities that are struggling financially. Inkster Mayor Hilliard Hampton is a vocal opponent of the state’s emergency manger law and he believes Detroit’s EM Kevyn Orr shouldn’t even be here.

“Oh absolutely not, absolutely not. I think he should be here in the capacity of an advisor to the mayor, but I think the mayor should still be in charge of governing and the council should still be in place. When you have financial matters, yeah, bring in someone that has the financial wherewithal to work with you to get you out of that condition. But you can’t supplant them and put them in charge of everything,” says Hampton.

As for his reaction to Kevyn Orr’s recent assessment that Detroit’s finances are worse than imagined, Hampton simply says, “Well, bully for him. That’s fine, that’s what he does. And that’s what he came to town for.”

Inkster is under a consent agreement and Hampton believes the city will be able to work through its financial problems to avoid the appointment of an emergency manager.

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