DETROIT (CBS Detroit) The annual Emmy award nominations were announced Wednesday, and Detroit’s own CBS 62 and CW50 posted an impressive array of nods.

The stations won 14 nominations overall in the 42-category competition that’s the TV production equivalent of the Academy Awards for film and the Grammys for musicians.

And the nominations are …

Category 8/Arts and Entertainment Special Program
Steve Harvey Special (Street Beat Segment)
Paul Pytlowany / Syma Chowdhry

Category 12/Environment Reporting
First Forecast: “Bird Kill”
Jim Madaus/Paul Pytlowany

Category 27/Special Events Coverage Other than News/Sports
Michigan Matters “2012 Mackinac Conference”
Carol Cain / Paul Pytlowany

Category 28A/PSA Single Spot
CW50 “Stand Up for Someone”
Paul Pytlowany/Melissa Rowe

Category 28B/PSA Campaign
CW50 Black History Month
Tim Lawlis/Andy Cotitsas/Charlie Forbes

Category 29A/Promotion/News Promotion Single Spot
“First Forecast Fatigue” CBS 62
Andy Cotitsas / Paul Pytlowany

“First School Closings” CW50
Andy Cotitsas/Paul Pytlowany

Category 29B/Promotion/News Promo/Image
“CBS 62 March Madness”
Andy Cotitsas / Paul Pytlowany / Tim Sargent

Category 29C/Promotion/Program Single Spot
“Steve Harvey Launch”
Paul Pytlowany

Category 30A/Commercial/Single Spot
Chester Boot Shop “Freedom”
Tim Lawlis / Charlie Forbes

Category 35A/Editor/Program (non-news)
CW50 Street Beat “Steve Harvey”
Paul Pytlowany

Category 36A/Graphic Arts
Alissa Lincoln: Graphic Composite
Jon Drobil: CBS 62 “Safe Tailgating”

Category 41B/Writer/Short Form
“Rachael Ray & Anderson Live – Image”
Andy Cotitsas


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