Fenton, MI – Digital marketing agency 3Sixty Interactive, has released a new white paper aimed at helping business owners and marketers understand more about how to qualify prospects in the online world.

The paper reviews what is quality traffic, how business owners and marketers can drive quality traffic and how to measure and improve online campaigns. Readers will also gain insights on how to reach prospects who are ready to buy, those who are considering buying, prospects you don’t know yet for whom you have their solution, and prospects who don’t know that they need your business yet.

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“We all know how important it is to qualify leads in the real world sales process, but many people don’t realize how important it is to qualify leads is in the online world,” stated Dale Keipert, chief strategist at 3Sixty Interactive. “Business owners and marketers need to drive quality traffic to their website rather than just increasing traffic. The best way to drive quality traffic is to reach prospects during the different stages in the sales funnel, and develop specific campaigns for prospects in these cycles.”

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You can download the “3 Principles to Qualify Online Prospects” whitepaper here: http://www.3sixtyinteractive.com/3principles-better-traffic/. 3Sixty Interactive offers all their white papers, case studies and on-demand webinars free to the public on their website.

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3Sixty Interactive will also host a webinar on May 23 at noon Eastern time titled “Three Principles to Qualify Online Prospects” that takes an even closer look at how to drive quality traffic and reach your different prospects. Click here to sign up for this webinar: www.3sixtyinteractive.com/digital-lunch-break-registration/