Nursing is a competitive field that is constantly adapting to stay current when things change in the blink of an eye. A way to stay on the forefront of trends in the health care field is to obtain a degree in nursing. An education can be carried with you as far as you want to go. Barbara Orto is a registered nurse currently employed as a psychiatric registered nurse at a major hospital system in Metro Detroit. Being an agency nurse for the past 35 years, she received her degree in a nursing program that set the standards for future nursing programs throughout the state of Michigan. Read further to learn from an experienced professional the benefits of having an education in nursing as she offers great insight into the profession.

Psychiatric Registered Nurse Barbara Orto (photo courtesy of Barbara Orto)

Psychiatric Registered Nurse Barbara Orto (photo courtesy of Barbara Orto)

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What does your position in the health industry consist of on a daily basis?

“Assessing clients’ moods, behavior and body language are a large part of my job as well as using positive people skills to respond to my clients’ needs to keep them safe from harming themselves or others. The transition from being a nursing student to an actual employed nurse with patients is a greater amount of responsibility. You are constantly learning to prioritize your nursing tasks to meet the challenges of your daily client assignments. With time and experience, you slowly transition from a prompted wallflower nursing student to a confident and valued nursing team member.”

What has your education taught you about the health industry?

“My nursing education taught me that the health care industry is 24/7. The job career opportunities for nurses are numerous, continuously expanding and work hours have become flexible. The current trend for hospital-employed nurses is preferably a bachelor’s degree in nursing for a particular hospital system to stay competitive with their counterparts. Nursing is an ongoing educational process as new medical practices and breakthroughs evolve and change constantly.”

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In what ways has your education contributed to your overall career success?

“My nursing education stressed diversity of choice in the field of nursing practice. I chose agency nursing because it exposed me to all different types of nursing throughout my career, continued to teach me new nursing skills and allowed me the flexibility to work and raise our family on a time schedule I could manage. In the later years when my in-laws became ill, agency nursing allowed my husband and I the same flexibility knowing either of us could be there for his folks. As my husband is retired from his job, our health care benefits keep shrinking and the cost of living rises, my career as an agency nurse helps to supplement our income while allowing me to schedule more quality time for both of us.”

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