By: Dan Leach


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Alan Veingrad reached the highest of heights in sport when he won Super Bowl XXVII as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Now he is reaching a much different height as the first former player NFL history to become a Torah-observant Orthodox Jew. He travels the country telling his spiritual story of transformation and raises awareness as to how positive thinking, striving for personal excellence, and being a leader can change your life and the world. I was able to talk with Alan about a bevy of topics ranging from how his NFL playing days led him to doing the great work he is now who was the toughest player he ever went up against.


Alan is in Metro Detroit on Wednesday, May 22, to speak and help raise money for the Lubavitch Cheder and Yeshiva International School of Chabad Leadership. Since the school opened in 45 years ago in Oak Park it has touched the lives of thousands of young men ages 13-19 from around the world. If you would like any information on the event please e- mail


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