– Sponsored content from Oakland Community College.

One great way to combat the rising cost of health care is to take advantage of the low cost health and dental services offered by local community colleges.

At Oakland Community College’s Highland Lakes Campus, the Dental Hygiene Program offers expert treatment for the entire community in areas like oral examinations, X rays, teeth cleaning, bleaching trays and more. These services are very affordable and even include substantial discounts for seniors and children.

The nursing departments at several colleges conduct Mobile Nurse Clinics throughout the year.  The clinics visit churches, community centers, senior centers and schools. Advanced nursing students, under the supervision of healthcare faculty, provide health screenings, blood pressure testing and other services free of charge. And many community colleges also offer Community Health Fairs featuring a variety of health-related services.

So, for a healthy alternative to the rising cost of health care, check out your community college.

View the Mobile Nurse Clinic schedule.


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