DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit City Council voted to approve cuts to Mayor Dave Bings’ proposed $1.1 billion spending plan. Their plan is to slash close to $5 million from the mayor’s plan — but all final financial decisions for the city will come from Emergency Manager Kevin Orr.

During Friday morning’s meeting, Fiscal Analyst for the city, Irvin Corley, addressed Mayor Bing’s proposed budget for city council.

“The mayor has proposed a $7 million budget for City Council. Council has agreed to that, but council has reorganized how that money is going to be spent,” Corley said.

As presented to council last month, Bing’s plan included a $4 million reduction for that nine-member body. Council members at that time criticized Bing’s recommendations that include allowing only one personal aide per member; they currently have between four and eight.

“The main thing that council is doing in this … vote on the budget, is to show council’s resolve again to be fiscally responsible and to show fiscal restraint,” he said.

After taking over control of the city’s finances last month, Orr said Detroit is in worse shape than he expected.

As of now, Detroit’s accumulated budget deficit is estimated to hit $380 million by July. The city has more than $14 billion in long-term debt.

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Detroit Mayor Presents $1B Budget To City Council


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