By Zohaib Qizilbash

Memorial Day celebrations are all about barbecues and time outdoors with friends and family, but with a long weekend stretching out ahead, there’s also plenty of time for the great indoors…

Here’s a guide to movies you should make time for.

There are some notable films being released on Memorial Day weekend. The third chapter of ‘The Hangover,’ series, ‘The Hangover 3,” will be released on May 23rd. The film will be the kick-off of Memorial Day weekend and fans will be lined up for a midnight showing. Surprisingly, that film isn’t the only sequel being released that weekend. ‘The Fast & Furious’ series have grown larger over the last few years and the latest addition, “Fast and Furious 6,” will be released on May 24th. Both films have loyal fans and lines will be formed throughout the weekend.

If you don’t want to sit in an overcrowded theater, have no fear, help is here. There are two drive-in theaters that can give you an ambiance of being back in a different time. The Compuware Drive-in Theater in Plymouth has sneak peek showings from May 24th – May 26th. Each screen features back-to-back movies starting at dusk. For more information, call 734-927-3284. Another drive-in destination is the Ford Drive-In that resides in Dearborn. For more information, call 313-846-6910.

The gem to keep someone on the couch comes out on Sunday, May 26th. The cult favorite “Arrested Development,” has built quite the following over the years since it went off the air. A passionate fan base has paved the way for the television series to return. The entire fourth season will be released on Netflix simultaneously for viewer’s pleasure. If you’re in the mood for a marathon, sit back, hit play and enjoy the developments.

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