By: Terry Foster

The Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks play Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals tonight at the United Center and people will be giving their predictions right up until faceoff.

Let’s do something different here. No predictions. Let’s talk pressure.

I believe the pressure is on both teams. The Blackhawks feel pressure because they have been the best team in the NHL and I am convinced Gary Bettman and his henchmen secretly hope for a Pittsburgh-Chicago Stanley Cup Finals. In a reasonable world that is what is supposed to happen.

The underdog Red Wings feel the pressure because they once led this series 3-games-1 and blew a home close out opportunity Monday night where the entire city was ready to celebrate. The Wings tried to brush the matter under the rug by saying fans would have killed for a Game 7 before this series began. I am not buying that now but let them talk.

Here is the real issue. There is pressure on the Blackhawks. Check.

There is pressure on the Red Wings. Check.

Here is my main question. What is the pressure level for you, the sports fan? Some will watch the game and live and die on every shift. Some people won’t even watch because they are too nervous. Some folks enjoy sports and enjoy every moment unless their team is involved in a do or die game.

My take is to enjoy it. You might be surprised. The Wings might actually win.

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