By: Theron Dahlerup

If you are as excited as I am for the upcoming summer blockbuster movie “Man of Steel”, the newest movie in the Superman franchise, then you may have a question burning inside your mind after watching all of the trailers…. How does Superman shave?

Here is the trailer to “Man of Steel” (jump to 1:09) for those who need to see the Super-Beard in all its glory.

Well the razor company Gillette has put some videos together from some very “Informed” celebrities and scientists who share their answers to the question “How does Superman shave?”

Here is Kevin Smith “Silent Bob” with his take “The Kryptonian Rocket Theory”

Here is Bill Nye “The Science Guy” with his take “The Materials of Science Theory”

Here is Mayim Bialik “Amy Farrah Fowler of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom” with her take “The Enzymatic Follicle Denaturation Theory”

Here are the Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage with their take “The Large Hadron Collider Theory”

Now, I found all of these theories very entertaining and informative. But I have the answer!!! If any of you are Superman-holics like I am. then answer is very simple and you may have seen it before. I take you back to the days of Dean Cain and the show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” or the cartoon version “Superman: The Animated Series”. He uses a mirror and a controlled blast of his heat vision. It’s truly that simple!

Mind-Blown? You’re Welcome! Vote on the Poll below and let us know what you think.


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