ANN ARBOR — Advanced Photonix (NYSE MKT: API) Friday announced that Picometrix, LLC, an API wholly owned subsidiary, has introduced a new 100G coherent receiver and has increased its supply chain capacity to meet demand in the growing 100G coherent optical communications market.

The receiver integrates a variable optical attenuator on the signal path and is designed to increase dynamic range, as well as improve optical signal-to-noise ratio performance. The receiver, called the CR-100D, spans the entire extended C and L band wavelengths and can be used in “colorless” coherent networks that enable service providers to better manage network capacity. Colorless capabilities allow communication equipment to use any wavelength for any port at the add/drop site. This allows for faster data throughput and lower costs per bit transport, both of which are big concerns for the industry. The CR-100D is available with or without a VOA.

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The demand for 100G coherent equipment has been growing rapidly as bandwidth intensive applications like full motion video and social media place demands on network infrastructure. Virtually every carrier is deploying, or plans to deploy, 100G systems into the Long Haul and Metro markets over the next several years. Over the past few quarters this sharp increase in demand, coupled with supply chain shortages, has placed a strain on the company’s ability to meet customer demand. The company has worked diligently with strategic suppliers to significantly increase capacity, lower costs and provide added value in order to satisfy this rapid increase in demand.

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“We are excited to add the CR-100D receiver to our 100G product offering and continue to expand our industry leading coherent receiver line,” said Robin Risser, COO of Advanced Photonix Inc. “I am equally pleased that our team has successfully resolved our supply chain bottlenecks. As a result we are experiencing robust growth in our 100G receiver product platform this quarter and are in a strong position to meet growing market demands.”

Advanced Photonix designs and builds optoelectronic components, high-speed optical receivers and terahertz instrumentation for telecom, homeland security, military, medical and industrial markets.

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