DETROIT — A pair of entrepreneurs in Detroit’s Green Garage business center has launched, an online reward system and learning platform that rewards kids for their efforts at living a health-conscious lifestyle, to be a more involved scholar and to become an educated citizen of the world.

“Times have changed and young people look to technology to provide answers to their questions, as well as for encouragement and support,” said Lacey Maryott, co-founder and director of operations for Complete Class. “Today, our children are finding it very difficult to be self-motivated. This is one of the primary reasons we developed the site: to offer important information on health and wellness to kids wanting to improve their lifestyle, while offering them incentives for reaching milestones.”

Complete Class is one of many business enterprises operating within the Green Garage in Detroit’s Midtown district. The Green Garage is a collection of small businesses and entrepreneurs pooling resources in an open environment that encourages out-the-box thinking towards rebuilding Detroit’s image, business climate, educational system and community networks. Compete Class’ goal is to inspire young people through interaction with the site as students are provided an opportunity to earn virtual and tangible rewards for becoming healthier and more involved scholars.

“Complete Class works to motivate K-12 students to learn, burn and earn by providing them with daily tasks, such as doing jumping jacks, viewing an informative video or solving a puzzle, said co-founder Chris Smith. “We utilize online resources from experts in the field of health and wellness. When a student decides to practice certain tasks and challenges he or she is rewarded with virtual badges or prizes when these activities or goals are completed. The long and short-term incentives work to aid in the development of healthy lifestyle habits.”

Complete Class is a free resource for students and schools who wish to participate. Currently, two Detroit schools — Gompers Elementary from the Detroit Public Schools and University Preparatory Academy Middle School, a charter school, are working with Complete Class.

As a way to reward the kids who have participated and successfully achieved major milestones from both University Prep and Gompers, Complete Class is planning end of the school year reward outing events.

Kids from Gompers Elementary will have an opportunity to visit the Palace of Auburn Hills where they will tour the Detroit Pistons facility and eat a healthy lunch.

University Prep students had an opportunity to spend the day at Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, where they had the opportunity to go bowling, play interactive games, enjoy a healthy lunch and screen a movie in the High Roller Room.

Complete Class is looking to raise up to $12,000 of sponsorship revenue through the crowd-funding site (similar to Kickstarter, but based in Detroit. PatroniCity is also located inside the Green Garage). The money is to help with costs associated with the school field trips and continued growth of the program. For every dollar raised there has been promised a 1:1 match.

For more information regarding Complete Class visit, Facebook@CompleteClass, Twitter@CompleteClass or call (607) 857-7694.


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