DETROIT (WWJ) – Teen drivers will get an interesting opportunity next month to learn what it’s really like out on the mean streets.

The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart program teaches young drivers about the capability of their cars, how to handle emergencies, and how to avoid distractions.

Lead instructor Matt Jaskol told WWJ Auto Beat Reporter Jeff Gilbert there’s a little classroom time and a lot of hands-on driving time.

“The whole theme of the program is to teach them about distracted driving, obviously, and just better driving habits, and … you know, what is really involved with the entire driving experience — just how intense it can really be these days,” Jaskol said.

Jaskol said it’s a great experience for all involved.

“It is a huge eye opener for the students.  To be completely honest, it’s been a real eye opener for myself,” Jaskol said.

The program will be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills July 27 and 28.

Get complete information and register at this link.


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