It’s almost a decade in the making. It captures the heart, the grit, the passion, and the talent – that fills Detroit. As we all know, Detroit has long been recognized as one of the pillars in the “rock and roll” movement and It Came From Detroit proves that the city’s legendary musical influences are still alive and beating today.

Funded, filmed and directed by James R. Petix, the feature length documentary highlights the Detroit music scene as it progresses from the obscure unknowns to the international icons through the “Garage Rock” scene that was – and is – so heavily present in Detroit. James, a local Detroiter himself and film graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, felt it was only natural to capture this movement through film.

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So, from 2002 to 2005, James attended about 3 to 5 shows per week to experience the vociferous performances and film just what’s happening in Detroit. In the end he filmed over 200 shows for the documentary. James used performances of the same song over a few years in different venues, he adds that “It’s kind of a unique way of seeing that band progress as well as getting the best parts of each of those performances.”

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It Came From Detroit features the Detroit bands: The Gories, The Dirtbombs, Detroit Cobras, The Von Bondies, Electric Six, and many more. Most of the bands have their own section where they are highlighted with their story; other bands will be shown through live performances or interviews with the members while showcasing their music. See the film’s trailer here!

James is inspired by the people of Detroit; he says “they’re so honest and hard-working.” He wanted to make something that not only presents the passionate community of musicians that represent Detroit, but to showcase Detroit in a positive way. We think he’s pretty much on par.

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It Came From Detroit debuted at film festivals in 2009 and since then, James and his co-producer, Sarah Babila, have been working toward the goal of releasing it on DVD and remastering it in HD for a Blu-Ray release.  Currently, they have a Kick-Starter created for help with funding for the release. You can find more information and their Kick-Starter page here.