By: Doug Karsch

The Detroit Pistons have been among the most active teams in the NBA — in the free agent market and in trade discussions. Piston GM Joe Dumars appears to be working the phones like there is no tomorrow, because for him, there might not be a tomorrow if he doesn’t turn this Piston organization around in a hurry.

The most recent rumored deal has the Pistons sending Rodney Stuckey (and his expiring $8.5M contract) and Charlie Villanueva (and his expiring $8.58M contract) to Toronto for Small Forward Rudy Gay.

What would the Pistons be getting?

A 27 Year old Small Forward who can score and score in a way the Pistons so desperately need — in the half-court, creating his own shot.

Doug Smith, reporter for the Toronto Star is so opposed to this deal he actually wrote the following words: “Are you on crack?”

NBA insiders tell me the Pistons desperately need to clean a bad element out of their locker room and this would accomplish that. And while those same people think that Gay perhaps shoots a bit much, who cares? The Pistons need a volume scorer like Gay. He finished 2012-13 as the fifth best scoring small forward in the NBA averaging 18.2 points per game. The Pistons could use that, ball hog or not? Gay has improved his reputation as a defender and last year he was the Raptors go to guy in crunch time – hitting several game winners.

And here’s the best part – the Pistons would still have cap space – ALL OF IT!!!!

In dealing Villanueva and Stuckey’s contracts the Pistons would be moving $17.08M. Gay is scheduled to make $17.8M in 2013-14 and has a player option for $19.3M in 2014-15. That still leaves money for the Pistons to pursue a true PG and other luxuries.

With the addition of Gay, the Pistons can then shift their FA focus to PG Jarrett Jack. A bulldog that can give you double digit points and nearly six assists a game.

This is the move we’ve been waiting for.

Joe – get it done – NOW!


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