Mud Day at Nankin Mills (credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)

Mud Day at Nankin Mills (credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – It was a kid’s dream come true to roll around in the mud over at Nankin Mills Park in Westland on Tuesday.

Fire trucks were on the scene and the hoses were spraying away at the park which hosted its 26th annual Mud Day. The Western Wayne Hazmat team was also on hand to help hose down patrons once they were done.

(credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)

(credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)

Events included mud limbo and wheel barrow races.

For some kids, like 11-year old Karmen Wagner, it was their first time participating in the festivities.

So, how was it?

“It was cold, kind of … ” Karmen said.  “It was kind of weird.”

Brennen Pinta , 8, was more of a fan.

“I picked up mud and rubbed it on myself,” Brendan said.  “And I put hand prints on myself.”

Pinta’s 7-year old brother, Owen, excitedly bragged that he was the muddiest of all.

Even their grandmother, Renee Slack, got dirty.

“I couldn’t help it; I fell in,” Slack said.  “I slipped…my Crocs got buried in the mud and I couldn’t get them out.”

Slack said that she’ll be back for the next Mud Day.

The event  featured the crowning of a “Queen of Mud.” Emily Cunningham of Riverview won the coveted title —and with it, a crown caked with mud, sticks and leaves.

(credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)

(credit: Sandra McNeil/WWJ)


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