SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – While the ongoing rain may have left you with a less than sunny disposition; the plants and flowers sure are loving the recent showers.

Brown grass doesn’t seem to be much of an issue this season either.

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Fiona Brinks with Bordines in Rochester couldn’t agree more with the benefits that the plant life has seen with the rain.

“All the ornamental grasses, they thrive with this amount of water,” Brinks said.  “Canna lilies, they love it.  All types of alternanthera, which is a beautiful little annual.  Just lots of plants that will really do well with this amount of moisture.”

Brinks also said that it is still okay to plant trees and shrubs.

“And even trees and shrubs…which is a little dodgy this time of year because people don’t remember to water,” Brinks said.  “This rain has certainly helped establish plant material.”

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According to Brinks, perennials and herb gardens are also in the clear for planting.

Brinks said that annuals can cause concern if they are sitting in puddles of water.

Worst case scenario would be to replant them but it might not be worth the effort.

With all the rainfall that has occurred, Brinks stresses the importance of fertilizing.

“People have to remember to fertilize,” Brinks said.  “Because with the amount of water that we’ve had or the amount of rain that we’ve had the fertilizer does leach out very quickly.  So you want to go out there and do some fertilizing this time of year.”

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Brinks also said that sprinkler systems should be turned off until all the rain has come to an end.