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We had a special guest on last night’s episode of Big Brother right before the competition. I didn’t know who to expect. The CBS Facebook & Twitter Page gave us a clue. It was an interesting night, but the best moment had to be the Tweet from James Rhine (season six & seven all-stars).

I am glad that Candice is trying to get the girls to rally together and get the guys out! Hopefully we can see Jeremy’s dominance crumble! Pretty sure the Moving Company will be disbanded or go on strike very soon!

Mom Squad Making Moves

I like how Helen has dubbed herself and Elissa the “Mom Squad.” Aaryn’s reasoning for Helen to be nominated was a poor excuse. Aaryn should have said Helen is a threat to her game and if Helen were to win POV she wouldn’t be able to save herself and Elissa. Not surprised that for the second week in a row, Elissa has been selected as BBMVP. The Brenchel fans must be doing a great job voting. This twist has literally been made to save Elissa week after week, it would have been nice to have seen someone else win it for a change to maybe shake up the game. Right now the “Mom Squad,” is being out numbered by the men of this house and the ladies that follow them.

Another Gheesling In Big Brother?

Now, Dan Gheesling (@DanGheesling) has been hearing all the rumors of Nick being related to him and in true form, Dan is “misting” us by saying nothing. What do you think, is Nick related somehow to our Michigander Dan? Even the houseguests are suspecting Elissa isn’t the only one with a connection to the Big Brother game. However from my own search, I don’t think Nick is related to Dan, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Nick is also becoming the little female attractor in the house. First Jessie and now GinaMarie. It would be funny to see both of them fight for Nick’s love, but that’s another reality TV show. Not sure how long this romance will last. Fun Fact, Nick has yet to initiate a showmance. So this leaves to conclude Nick is still playing to win the money and not for love, which is a good thing or he’d be like the first person evicted this season — but only this time possibly being evicted next.

A Balancing Act To Win POV

I was really excited to see Jeremy nominated by the BBMVP. I would have thought Elissa would nominate Nick and maybe backdoor Jeremy. Helen did bring up a good argument but their bet didn’t seem to pan out. I did like how Elissa did try to make some sort of deal with Nick to guarantee herself safety but then also warned Nick that she could easily backdoor him into nominations. Helen did a great job as well circling back to talk with Aaryn about possibly joining forces and working together. However Aaryn is so naive and only thinking about this week. I really haven’t heard her making any moves about next week. It’s really been about getting Elissa out and seeking revenge for David’s eviction. Which is kind of sad and a broken record. Aaryn should remember she’s playing a game for herself and should be evicting competitors she doesn’t think she could win against.

Brittany Haynes (@britney_haynes) from season 12 and 14 surprised the houseguest through a video message, announcing she was pregnant. However for any Big Brother fan, Brittany made that announcement via twitter months ago and so this wasn’t a surprise to me. It was a surprise however seeing her again on the show, but unfortunately since she’s close to her due date, Brittany couldn’t be at the set, so we got the next best thing. Interesting how they tied Brittany’s appearance with the POV or vice versa. In the end it was Jeremy who won the POV and obviously took himself off the block.

A Rift In The Moving Company?

With Jeremy’s win of POV, his showmance Kaitlin was feeling a bit worried that she would be the replacement nominee. Jeremy being the “Alpha Male,” that he is made sure that Kaitlin wouldn’t get evicted by rallying together his alliance. But Jeremy however as Nick put it, Jeremy was giving an ultimatum to the alliance. Even McCrae was questioning, “who died and made Jeremy boss?” It was interesting to see how far Jeremy would go in making sure his showmance was safe and threatening to opt out of his all male alliance for a girl. Also it was interesting to hear the Nick thinks he’s the CEO of the Moving Company. Clearly this all male alliance is having some riff.

Prediction For Eviction

It’ll be safe to say Helen will receive zero votes and it’ll be down to Elissa and Nick. The votes will not be unanimous, which is a good thing because then it becomes predictable, the person leaving isn’t surprised and have made their piece while the other nominees are coasting. But it also shows that the power in the Big Brother house is just as important as the week before. I’m seriously looking forward in how the interview with Aaryn will be in the HOH room with Julie Chen. I do predict Julie will be professional about it and only focus on the game and not bring her personal feelings about to Aaryn. Julie did however talk about what had happened on her daytime tv show The Talk and it was really good to hear what she thought. You can check it out at and go to Monday’s episode.

Prediction For HOH

So the producers have done two physical type challenges, so hopefully this week we’ll see a mental competition in the form of a quiz. If that’s the case, then I predict Howard or Helen to win HOH. Some dark horses could be Judd and Candice. If Howard wins, I would predict two ladies would be nominated, and if Helen were to win then two boys would be nominated. Now if it’s Judd it’ll be hard to predict what he’d do, but I think he may throw this competition too, since he’s currently in a safe position in the game. Judd doesn’t really have a target on himself and hasn’t really caused any riffs. Candice would follow Helen in getting the guys out of the house, but possibly back door the one she wants nominated.

Looking forward to tonight’s live eviction episode at 9 p.m. on CBS 62!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email

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