By Mark Drum

J-U-Double D, Party Darty is in power and we finally got to see where his head is in this game. It’s official, Howard and Candice are in a showmance, according to CBS. For those with live feeds know this showmance has been going on for quite some time. GinaMarie is continually being shown as a bimbo. Could we possibly see a girl get evicted this week? Whatever the case, Judd is king for the week.

Cuddle Buddies Or More?

Howard and Candice are just friends? I don’t think so. They have definitely gotten cozy and have a lot of similarities. So it was only time for them to start to flirt with one another. I think however both are playing the game but somehow found each other. So this could be more than a showmance, but we shall see through time. I wonder if and when Howard will give a pebble to Candice.

I found it funny when Howard was attempting to do yoga with Elissa. You can put on all that muscle but won’t guarantee someone to be great at yoga. If you haven’t done yoga, it’s really great and as Howard has said, “work muscles that haven’t been worked,” and you do sweat a lot. If you check out the CBS website, you can see bonus footage of Elissa teaching a yoga class with the other houseguests.

Aaryn Is Enemy #1 With Almost All The Houseguest

It’s not surprising to see Aaryn get into an argument with her own alliance. She’s very hot-headed but she’s also smart. Which makes for an odd combination. Aaryn is really trying to play the game but her words and actions have effected the way other houseguests feel about her. Aaryn is definitely being portrayed as the villain of the house and in some aspects has been. I want to give her some sympathy, but it’s very little. In the game, I don’t see her being a huge threat right now in the game.  Personally not a fan with what she has said, but I can look pass that and see that her gameplay has been smart. However for most of these houesguests, she’s public enemy #1.

Froyo For Food

So I was surprised that they actually showed the weight of the houseguests. Most of those houseguests are women and I’m pretty sure that they were probably not too thrilled about it. Luckily they did a collective weight as opposed to individual weight. Anchovies and habanero froyo sounds awful and disgusting. I’m glad they didn’t show McCrae barf, he looked awful. I guess even though GinaMarie can’t speak great English, she can at least eat frozen yogurt really well. Fun fact, for this week’s America’s Vote, we America have chosen for the Have Nots to have Mangoes and Macaroni. In my opinion it’s such a cop-out and I would love to see more punishments or harsher food choices for the houseguests. My choice for next week’s Have Nots, would be “Raisin & Ramen,” two things I personally like and I don’t think would be awful with slop. Plus with the way America has been voting this seems like a viable option.

What Is Judd Thinking?

Judd didn’t make any big moves with his nominations. If anything this is a repeat of last week, when Helen was HOH. Nothing shown me that Judd is thinking about big moves with his nominations being Aaryn and Kaitlin. It was surprising that Amanda was the last key to be pulled. Hopefully this will lead to a possible conversation about why Amanda’s key was last. Little things can freak out houseguests and Amanda could possibly be a target without her even knowing it.

Amanda is really playing a good game, however she’s playing way to aggressive, which will bite her sooner rather than later. Also she’s apart of a showmance. But it’s interesting to see how her game has been this season. Surprised to see Andy get a lot of air time on tonight’s episode. Yet in my eyes, Andy is still a floater and he’s just riding the wave of power. I won’t be surprised when he’s the first casualty gone for floaters. I am hoping that a girl get’s evicted this week.

My Prediction For BBMVP Nominations

Well America, I hope we made the right decision in the nomination. Thanks to some tweets and conversations with friends, it’s sounding like people were confused about the power we were given. I thought it was self-explanatory, we’re voting for the third nominee. Apparently some people didn’t get that memo, so we may see Elissa getting nominated.. If that’s the case I wonder what the house will think about that twist. I’m pretty sure they’ll assume Aaryn, Kaitlin or GM won the BBMVP and not America. So as much as I would love to see Amanda be nominated, it’s looking like Elissa will be up.

My Prediction For POV

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaitlin won again. She would prove again that she’s a competitor but it could put an even bigger target on her back. Aaryn has yet to show me that she’s really a competitor. She did decent in the POV competition last week, but if she wants to beat Kaitlin she’ll have to work really hard. We haven’t seen Judd play in a POV yet either so I wonder if he will throw the POV or try to win it.

Hope everyone had a great week! Can you believe it’s been a month since these houseguests have been in the Big Brother house. 100 days of summer is going strong and can’t wait to tune in at 8pm on CBS 62 to see all the action for BBMVP nominations and POV!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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