By Mark Drum

Deny and deflect when confrontation happens or else karma will come back tenfold. Kind of ironic that the “Mean Girls” are put on the block and “Queen Bee” Aaryn goes from being on the chopping block to winning next week’s HOH. Stop making Nick and you happen GinaMarie. There are way too many references I could go on like a Tina Fey comedy. However it was clear that Kaitlin was going to be sent packing, but it’s Aaryn’s return to power that makes this episode an interesting one.

News Travels Like Wildfire

In the Big Brother house news travels so fast that it’s hard to figure out who, when, where, why and how it got started. Elissa has definitely been stirring the pot lately, which can be a good and bad thing. The fact that Judd admitted the new alliance, I was surprised no one threw him under the bus. The tension looked pretty intense with Aaryn & Elissa. Elissa should remember that the house is small and private conversations are difficult to have since there are many houseguests still left.

Who To Evict?

GinaMarie is a very distant thought with these houseguests and it was clear she would be safe. It’s interesting to see that the house it trying to be unanimous in the votes this week on who to evict. I was surprised to see how fast Judd jumped ship with the newly formed alliance. But that’s what floaters do, they jump ship and float to the next person they feel will help them stay in the game. I do give credit to Judd in knowing when an alliance isn’t good and building trust with houseguests he can. Although in the Big Brother house loyalty can change in a blink of an eye.

There are definitely two contrasting comparisons as to why Aaryn should go home over Kaitlin and vice versa. As the houseguests have said that they don’t appreciate Aaryns derogatory remarks. But for competitions Kaitlin is the clear threat in the group. Kaitlin having been close to two HOH competitions and winning a POV proves she’s a competitor and their to win. The fact her secretly formed alliance got discovered, it was clear for Kaitlin to deny and deflect the situation. The situation didn’t seem to be deflected or denied as with the vote being nominated it was clear Kaitlin was a threat and less of a pawn. In the end though, Kaitlin was poised and sincere when talking about the game. She may have felt hurt but knows that it’s a reality TV show.

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Aaryn – Risking being evicted to claiming the power as HOH. This time around she earned it through luck.
  2. Judd – I don’t see any sense of danger for Judd this upcoming week. However he did nominate Aaryn and so expect Judd to do some repairing of relationships and building their trust again.
  3. Amanda – She’s been calling the shots for many of the HOH nominations as well as BBMVP. She has yet to win a HOH or POV but through social skills, proven she can win a globe in.

My Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Elissa – She’s out this week from playing POV, so it won’t be a “shocker” if Elissa is nominated. If she’s not nominated than expect to see Elissa “backdoor”.
  2. Helen – Helen has been seen as a threat and has spent a good amount of time with Elissa. So through association I won’t be surprised if Helen were to be nominated. This will help Aaryn in ensuring if Helen were to win POV she couldn’t take herself and Elissa out. We also heard that Aaryn had a deal with Helen & Elissa, will see if she will keep her end of the bargain. But as Jeff Schoreder said tonight, chances are very slim.
  3. Candice – Having altercations with Aaryn and being associated with the previously mentioned puts a target on her back. I wonder and hope Candice can make a deal with Aaryn to save herself.

My Prediction For Nominations

I predict Helen & Elissa. It’s the obvious choice, or Helen & Howard because if Aaryn let’s Amanda get into her head to think of who to nominate she’ll suggest Howard then try to suggest to backdoor Elissa since she can’t play in the upcoming weeks POV to save herself.

America Is BBMVP Again!

I was excited to hear we were the BBMVP once again. Hopefully this time around everyone understands that we as the America will decide who the third nominations. My 10 votes have gone to Amanda because she talks the talk but can she walk the walk. Amanda has been trying to puppet moves of specific houseguests since day one. The only one that has surfed has been really. Amanda is a clear threat to any houseguests game. So don’t forget to vote at.

Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to watch Big Brother this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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