By Mike Valenti

It’s a great day for Detroit sports fans clamoring for trades. Both the Tigers and Pistons pulled off deals that make both teams better.

The Tigers and Dave Dombrowski pulled off a complete rip-off in glorious fashion. How Dombrowski got Jose Iglesias out of this deal is beyond me. In fact, I think it’s pretty clear the Tigers got the best end of this three way deal.

In Iglesias they get the defensive whiz at SS I’ve been screaming for all while giving up very little. Iglesias not only represents the present, when, not if, Peralta is banished but he’s also under control for a zillion more years. It’s brilliance by Dombrowski. Haven’t always loved his moves but this one is a 10 out of 10.

The Veras deal has much less sizzle, but every bit the impact. I can just see how that phone call went to Houston. “Heyyy, it’s Dave. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Your team stinks and has no future. I’m gonna give you a bag of Coneys and our 3rd best OF and you’re going to give me a reliable bullpen arm. Oh and pay the shipping, fool.”

In a sellers market these two deals are near perfection. If you’re wondering, yes I love Iglesias.

As for the Pistons, it’s cloudier. At 3 years and $24M, I cannot hate the Jennings deal. Gotta do it. But Jennings is a wacky player on a wacky roster. Talented? Of course. Unstable, wildly streaky and at times brutally selfish? All of the above.  Maybe having better bigs around him will allow him to be become a better PG while tapering his shooting down? Maybe. But it’s a wait and see approach for me. At a minimum the team is more interesting. At its best? They gel, are a tough matchup and compete to win a playoff series. Job well done by Joe on this one.  Don’t love it yet but surely don’t hate it.

It’s a great day for fans, with a lot to discuss and get excited about.


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