By Carol Cain

This week on Michigan Matters, UAW President Bob King has been in the eye of the storm over Detroit’s bankruptcy as he joins with other union leaders to try and keep retired city employee pensions intact. King sits down with host Carol Cain about unions, Governor Snyder, Kevyn Orr, what he thinks is  behind Detroit’s bankruptcy, and what’s ahead in the battle to retain pensions for Detroit’s retirees.

Then King joins the roundtable Bankole Thompson, Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, and Political Commentator Cliff Russell as they talk about the mayor’s race and the future of Detroit.

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Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 1Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 1

Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 2Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 2

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Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 3Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 3

Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 4Michigan Matters: Bob King Seg 4

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