By Christy Strawser

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Remember the giant vat of Crisco an artist left outside the Joe Louis fist statue following the city’s bankruptcy filing?

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Artist Jerry Vile said the Crisco was meant to symbolically ease the pain of the, ahem, hammering the city is taking financially. He calls it the “Vessel of Hope.”

Now on eBay, the bid stands at $560, with 12 bidders for the can that stands 48 inches in diameter. The auction has six days left, ending Aug. 14.

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“It is banged up a bit by the city of Detroit rolling it when they had it removed from the street. There are some tears-, but heck, that’s like a bullet hole in an army canteen. It makes it better. It’s less than a month old. It can refurbished by my team of expert experts. But why would you want to?” Vile wrote on the auction.

Vile said the proceeds will go to a Detroit charity.

Interested? Throw your hat in the ring HERE

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Note, though, the item is marked “pick up only.” And the fist isn’t included.