DETROIT (CBSDETROIT) – We are weeks away from the launch of so-called online health insurance “exchanges” under the Affordable Care Act — Michigan Democratic Congressman John Dingell says consumers will soon be able to “price shop” for low-cost health insurance options.

“States are … invited to set up their own exchange,” Dingell said. “States are also permitted if they so desire to opt out and the federal government and will set up an exchange which will offer plans to states.”

Congressman Dingell took a poke at those in Washington still fighting against so-called “Obamacare” legislation.

“When I was going to Georgetown the philosophy department used to have a term called ‘invincible ignorance’ most of the statements they are making are erroneous and many of the statements are taken out of context,” Dingell said.

Despite a legislative impasse in Lansing regarding the proposed expansion of Medicaid benefits — state Democratic Senator Morris Hood says it’s time for partisan politics over the issue to stop.

“At some point in time we’ve got to step away from this political thing and say we’ve got to take care of the state of Michigan and it’s citizens first,” said Sen. Hood.

Hood says he’s optimistic a deal — which would expand Medicaid to an additional 500,000 people here in Michigan — can be reached, and on the Governor’s desk, by months end.

With the Medicade expansion debate in Lansing being held-up by the Republican-majority in the Senate, Michigan is emerging as one of several battleground states on the issue.

“It means that you now have access to a system of exchanges which will enable you to pick out from a wide menu of policies,” Dingell said.


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