(video: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

97.1 The Ticket Morning Show hosts Stoney, Bill McAllister and Sara shot a promo for Star Wars night scheduled for the September 14 game vs. the Royals. We tagged along to shoot behind-the-scenes video. Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Chewbacca the Wookie and Tigers’ mascot Jedi Paws used the force to generate some laughs down at Comerica Park.

The Ticket Chicks Jen and Kristen let their inner-geeks shine. Jen showed off her authentic Han-Solo-style blaster that she hand painted because it wasn’t good enough in her opinion.

By the way, Chewy is not on-board with the Donnie Kelly Baby sensation.

Sara learned that to keep his fur spotless and clean — he conditions five times per week.

Bill is not surprised to learn that the man behind the Wookie prefers the gold bikini Leia over the white-robed Leia. Is nothing left to the imagination anymore?

A portion of ticket sales for this sold out game will benefit Stand Up To Cancer.

We even had a chance to do a quick “Vadering” picture with Ticket Chick Kristen.

The Tigers’ in-house production team had fun with the Star Wars actors. They wrote gags for Vader to move the Ferris wheel with the Force and having them pop up in unexpected locations around the administrative entrance. For example, Chewy subbed in for the security guard at a desk that was much too short for the long-legged Wookie.

Will their promo make the scoreboard? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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