By Mark Drum

No surprise that Helen & Elissa are nominated. Amanda is controlling this week’s HOH through Aaryn and it’s getting really annoying. Amanda is getting way too much airtime and it’s getting old. Also Amanda has been pretty much running this house. How many times can I write “Amanda” in this blog? A lot because Big Brother 15 is pretty much Amanda Zuckerman’s Variety Hour. Tonight’s episode is about Amanda preparing to create another blindside, and this week’s victim is Helen.

Spencer Saves Himself For The Fifth Time

I won’t be surprised if Spencer becomes like Adam of Season 13. Where Spencer makes it to final three but then McManda will throw him to the curve which will set up for another awful pairing for the finale. Previous pairings that were just a pain to watch were Seasons 4, 6, 7, 9 & 13. Out of the now 15 seasons a third have been awful. So here’s hoping this season will redeem itself in the finale.

Spencer is becoming a wild card floater. He has no allegiance to anyone and hasn’t really made any moves to join a side of the house. Which right now is either Mom Squad or 3 AM. Spencer obviously doesn’t fit the first one or the later. So it will be interesting to see where he’ll vote, however I won’t be surprised by another unanimous vote. But here’s hoping someone will have the guts to vote against the majority and make a stand. However Spencer could see himself on the chopping block again after the POV and be told he’s the pawn.

Elissa Feels Defeated

Not surprised that Elissa would think Aaryn will nominate her. I would love to see Rachel Reilly give her sister a pep talk or some real talk. Elissa being defeated is really sad. I was hoping she’d have some fight in her to convince Aaryn in being an alliance and nobody really seeing that ever be possible. This would help both their games and possibly a run to the finale. However Aaryn is way too deep with 3 AM as well with GinaMarie that an alliance with Elissa would be a shot in the dark.

Emotions are starting to get the best of the Mom Squad. They are letting the game affect them personally, Elissa wanting to see her son again and Helen wanting Elissa to keep fighting. Now was anyone surprised how quickly Helen was throwing Elissa under the bus this episode. Granted this game doesn’t have two winners, but after forming such a strong bond, Helen is making the mistake of abandoning an alliance that has been good to her since day one. To an alliance that has been called out as a fake alliance and are vying to get her out of the house. Somehow these houses guest are playing with tunnel vision because they can’t see anything past it.

3 AM Assemble

The Mastermind, Agent, Beast and Enforcer? Barf, here is my own personal assigned roles for the 3 AM Alliance.

Andy the Rat – for obvious reason he’s the rat because he’ll fester around others for conversations, then immediately go back and tell Amanda what has been happening. Speaking of Amanda, her assigned role is The Bully. Amanda has been able to friend everyone but also know how to push their buttons. The Bully knows when to be fake around her victims and demand her minions to do her dirty work or they’ll feel her wrath. Then there’s McCrae, the Boy Toy. He’s there to look pretty, socialize with others and be attached to the hip with The Bully. However a close send for McCrae was “Little Girl,” because he self titled his own role and I just couldn’t pass that up. But he’s definitely more a Boy Toy for Amanda. Then there’s Aaryn and she’s The Minion. Aaryn’s role is to do whatever the Bully wants, have all the blood on their hands and not at The Bully. The Minion has also been really good about winning things and being a target more than the Bully.

I personally think my assigned roles for 3 AM are more realistic than the one’s they thought of. I thought it was funny when @CBSBigBrother posed the question …

All I could think of was why didn’t they ask if we liked the names given to the actual 3 AM alliance. Surprisingly the alliance was split during the Have Not competition. Well actually The Bully was paired with non members and had been in a losing streak for the competitions. Which The Bully lived to her expectations and lost another competitions forcing her to be on slop, cold showers and the airplane seats as beds. If anything The Bully got what she deserved.

My Prediction For POV

Well it’ll come down to either Elissa or Aaryn I think and Elissa will come with the win. This is because Elissa was able to save herself when being nominated and will have to do the same thing again. Aaryn has a close shot since she’s been dominating the HOH competitions and winning two POVs. I would surprised if Helen were to come up with a win because then Amanda would just lose it. Either way I believe the POV will be used but it will be used to save Elissa and they’ll put up Spencer on the block for the sixth time. It would be nice to see McCrae or Andy in the hot seat but it would be even sweeter if Amanda was in the hot seat against Helen. Little do the houseguests know that this Thursday, whoever is evicted will get the chance to come back into the game. So if Amanda were to get evicted, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her first win, which would be to get to reenter the house. I personally would love it if America got to decide, like Canada did with their version.

We’ll just have to tune in Wednesday at 8pm on CBS 62 to see if the POV will be used and what exciting new acts Amanda will grace us with on the next episode.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email