DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Former Detroit Lion Barry Sanders makes fun of himself in a new commercial for Pepsi Max.

Sanders is in a barber’s chair when two barbers are talking about his career.

“Look, you’re just jealous because I have a legend in my chair: Barry Sanders. This man ran for 99 career touchdowns, 99!” says one barber.

“And then you just disappeared from the game,” says the second barber. “Why?”

Answers Sanders, “Well guys, the real reason I retired is because …”

Before he can finish answering the question, Sanders magically disappears into a living room as someone open a bottle of pop. An announcer then explains a promotion which allows X-Box players to add Sanders to their team in the video game Madden NFL 25.

Sanders then reappears in the barber’s chair, but the barbers won’t finish shaving him. They tell him they’re closed.

Sanders finishes 1,457 yards short of Walter Payton for the all time rushing leader in the NFL.

Almost as legendary as his career, is the way it ended. Sanders shocked and angered fans when he made his retirement public by faxing a letter to the “Wichita Eagle,” his hometown newspaper.

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