DETROIT (WWJ) – There’s talk in Lansing about raising the speed limit in parts of Michigan to 80 miles per hour, but it is something the people want?

Under the new legislation, which was proposed by Sen. Rick Jones, state police would be able to set speed limits on certain roads. Communities would have their roads studied and speed limits would be set scientifically. The move could potentially raise the speed limit on some local freeways from 55 and 70 mph to 75, or even 80 mph in the Upper Peninsula.

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Jones said the legislation would protect motorists from being unnecessarily ticketed in what’s commonly referred to as “speed traps” so communities can make some quick cash.

“All good police officers oppose speed traps,” Jones said. “Speeds should be posted scientifically and properly for the safest speed and then the officers will catch the big violators. We don’t need to get the average Joe getting to work.”

Jones said the higher limits would also afford police the ability to focus on other enforcement areas such as impaired, distracted or careless driving, and restraint enforcement.

Metro Detroiters calling the WWJ Listen Line at 248-327-2949 are divided on the issue. Here are just some of the comments we received:

— “We’ve already got too many people going too fast. If you raise the limit, then you’ll have that many more going 95, 100 mph.”

— “People do drive 80 at this point. But if it’s raised, my guess is people will then go 90 and 95 and still feel safe.”

— “Raising the speed limit to 80 miles an hour is absolutely stupid. The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

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— “I think 80 mph, with today’s vehicles, is legitimate. They’re designed to handle, they have a better grip on the road, and I think there would be less accidents, believe it or not.”

— “How are you going to save gas that way? Or save lives? It’s absolutely insane.”

— “I think 80 is OK. I do a lot of traveling on the highways and freeways and most people do that speed anyway. So, when you’re traveling, if you’re safe and got your seatbelt on, it’s OK.”

— “Think about the people who drive slower than the speed limit on the freeways right now and impede traffic. That’s only going to get worse if the speed is raised, those people are going to go even slower.”

— “People are thinking too much about the safety, there’s also the cost involved. Your engine is going to be working harder, your suspension components are going to be worked harder than they normally would, and your car isn’t going to last as long.”

— “The problem is the fact that there are people who don’t know that the left-hand lane is the fast lane. If the slow people would stay out of that left-hand lane, there wouldn’t be half as many accidents and there wouldn’t be people aggressively driving as much.”

— “Please, everybody call and tell lawmakers ‘No, this is not a good idea.’ I was hit by a car and a van when the road was not that bad and it was not in a speeding situation. You add speed to it and it is going to be worse.”

Where do you weigh in? Leave your comments below.

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