DETROIT (WWJ) – Tuesday, August 27th, will mark a BIG moment in the filmmaking career of Detroit* writer/producer/director Sam Logan Khaleghi. That’s when Khaleghi’s latest film, “Approaching Midnight,” will be shown during a charitable Red Carpet premiere at the Emagine Royal Oak. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Legion.

“Approaching Midnight” is a well-written crime drama that follows Khaleghi’s character (Army Staff Sgt. Wesley Kent) when he returns home from Afghanistan. While fighting the war, Kent loses his best friend, (Artie “A.J.” Culpepper) who was fighting alongside him.

When Kent returns to his small-town home after a five-year absence, he not only has to deal with A.J.’s death, but also that of his girlfriend, Aspen (Jana Kramer), who was killed in a car accident while he was away. And if that isn’t enough, he learns that Aspen’s death could be part of a cover up involving the town’s sheriff, as well as the town’s mayor, who is also Aspen’s dad. Whew! That’s a lot to include in a single script, but Khaleghi does an admirable job weaving the story together.

Following Tuesday’s premiere, “Approaching Midnight” will be available for digital download and on DVD in October. The film is being distributed by monterey media, a privately owned entertainment industry company specializing in uniquely tailored distribution and marketing for independent films.

“We’re excited to be partnering with monterey media to introduce a film to audiences that embodies the experiences and emotions of the soldier returning home,” said Khaleghi. “Additionally, Motown means a lot to the history of the entertainment industry. We’re thrilled to be world premiering the film in Detroit for charitable purpose(s) and our veterans.”

“Approaching Midnight” also features Brandon T. Jackson as A.J. (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief ,); Mia Serafino (The Butterfly Effect 3, Tar); and Dean Teaster as Sheriff Thompson.

Click here for more information/tickets to the Red Carpet premiere.

Click here for more information on the American Legion.

See you at the movies!

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Editor’s Note: Khaleghi moved to Detroit from Iran early in his childhood. He currently divides his time between Detroit and Los Angeles.


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