DETROIT (WWJ) The courts recently struck down the practice in New York, but Detroit Police Chief James Craig has announced he wants officers to “stop and frisk” anyone police find suspicious.

Before the practice was outlawed in New York, statistics showed the vast majority of people stopped and frisked were Latino and black; and 9 of 10 people were innocent of any crime.

“A lot of innocent people were stopped,” said Mark Fancher of the ACLU of Michigan.

But was it racist?

“The way in which it was implemented in New York definitely was (racist),” Fancher said.

The ACLU was particularly upset the same consultants who implemented the program in New York City were hired here.

The Detroit News says the Manhattan Institute and Bratton Group were hired to help create the program in Detroit. They’re currently training traffic officers to use traffic stops to prevent crime.

“If they have on board consultants who taught police officers in New York to violate it, then that’s a real concern for us,” Fancher said, adding “We don’t trust the consultants they’ve engaged.”


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