SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) — Southfield-based ImageSoft Inc. says its systems have helped make the 13th District Court, which includes Grand Traverse, Antrim and Leelanau counties, the state’s first fully electronic court, with the expansion of its electronic case file management system.

Most courts have electronic case management systems in place, but continue to manage the case file from a paper folder. ImageSoft says an all-electronic case file, also called a “paper-on-demand” court, will mean savings, fewer bottlenecks, more efficiency and faster decision-making by judges, as information is readily available around the clock.

In a fully electronic court, digital documents replace paper documents and automated processes replace manual processes as the court conducts its daily business. Judges hear cases at the bench using an electronic case file with all necessary information immediately accessible to them on a computer.

To accomplish the transition from paper-based to digital processes, ImageSoft implemented an electronic document management system for the 13th Circuit Court to consolidate all the court’s documents and information into a single, central repository.

ImageSoft has also equipped the 13th Circuit Court with its iJustice solution with technology to enable e-filing, e-signature and workflow for automated routing and notification. The solutions were implemented in all three courts with the final step being the launch of criminal case types earlier this month.

The benefits to the court from this shift in process and culture are tremendous and include, among other things, greater transparency; reduced costs for office supplies and equipment; instantly accessible information; no need to store paper files or physically transport files from county to county, saving time and money, and reduced labor costs from greater workplace efficiencies.

“The transformation of our three county courts from the paper world into the digital one provided us benefits in efficiency, transparency and cost savings,” said Judge Philip Rodgers, chief judge of the 13th Circuit Court. “Our partnership with ImageSoft allowed us to complete the project on time and on budget. Together with our clerks, staff and local Bar Association, we created an end product of which we are justifiably proud and which will serve us well for years to come.”

Since 1996, ImageSoft’s technology and workflow solutions have increased productivity, reduced operating costs and saved time and money for customers in government, health care and the insurance industry.

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