DETROIT (WWJ) – The mayor of Boston is drawing criticism for recent comments he made about Detroit.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mayor Thomas Menino was asked if he could live in any other city in America other than Boston, where would he choose.

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He at first said he’d never thought of living in any other city, but then added: “Detroit is a place I’d love to go.”

When the reporter asked Menino what he’d do in Detroit, the mayor responded: “I’d blow up the place and start all over.”

In statement out Tuesday, Detroit Mayor Bing called Menino’s comments insensitive.

“It is extremely regrettable that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino used such an unfortunate choice of words to describe what he would do if he came to Detroit. I would think the mayor of a city that recently experienced a deadly bombing attack would be more sensitive and not use the phrase ‘blow up,” said Bing.

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“I am also dismayed that Mayor Menino did not get his facts right before making his remarks to the widely-read New York Times. The Detroit Police Department’s response time is not — and has never been — 90 minutes. And, most of our city’s buildings are not boarded up.

“Since taking office more than four years ago, there has been tireless action on the part of my administration to improve the quality of life for our citizens. In fact, I invite Mayor Menino to visit Detroit to see our city for himself,” he said.

Menino’s comments to the Times come as Detroit continues to work to sort out its financial mess.

Bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr was hired by the state in March to take control as Detroit’s emergency manager. In filing for Chapter 9 protection in July, Orr announced that Detroit is insolvent and unable to pay off a long-term debt estimated to top $18 billion.

A multi-day bankruptcy hearing is scheduled to begin Oct. 23.

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