Rabbi Mendel Stein visited the CBS Radio Detroit studio to talk with morning news anchor Tom Jordan about Rosh Hashana on the eve of the Jewish holiday. Rabbi Stein also demonstrates the sound of the shofar, a traditional musical wind instrument made from the horn of a ram.

Rabbi Stein said, “If you want to hear this live go to the synagogue on Thursday morning on Friday morning and hear the ram’s horn being blown live.”

What does the holiday signify? “Rosh Hashanah is commonly translated as the Jewish new year but truthfully it translates as the head of the year just like the head controls the entire body. We believe that Rosh Hoshana is the head of the year where it controls and God judges us the entire coming year,” said Rabbi Stein.

In 2013, Rosh Hashana begins in the evening of Wednesday, September 4 and ends in the evening of Friday, September 6.


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