DETROIT (CBS Detroit) And there it is again.

Answering a question about U-M playing three of its rivals this year — Michigan State, Notre Dame and Ohio State — former Michigan QB Denard Robinson let the most howling insult of them all slip against the Spartys during an interview on the Big Ten Network.

He ranked the rivalries in order of importance, saying: “Ohio’s the biggest one, and Notre Dame and Michigan State’s our little brothers.”

“Little brothers? So there you have it,” the host on the Big Ten Network says.

Now this isn’t the first time the “little brother” insult has been hurled.

Former Wolverines QB Mike Hart made the moniker famous in 2007 after the Wolverines defeated MSU, saying, “Sometimes you get your little brother excited when you’re playing basketball and stuff, let them get the lead, then you just come back and take it back.”

It wasn’t taken well.

Notably, Michigan State defeated Michigan four consecutive times in the rivalry game since Hart made the “little brother” comment.


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