DETROIT (WWJ) – Metro Detroit is already dealing with hundreds of refugees from the Middle East, and that number is expected to grow with the civil war in Syria.

The President & CEO of the Arab American and Chaldean Council in metro Detroit, Dr. Haifa Fakhouri, says they need financial help.

“I would really urge the people just to contribute and to support its mission, to help the refugees coming from the Middle East and our residents to be concerned about the consequences of such an attack,” Fakhouri said.

Fakhouri says the refugees need housing, jobs, and schools for their kids to attend.

“I cannot imagine the additional number will come here seeking settlement and definitely they need housing . They need employment. They need schooling for their kids, shelter, etc. so we have limited resources and I’m really concerned about the future influx of refugees coming to this area,” she added.

If you’d like to donate,click on HERE.

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