DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Birmingham police released a “suspicious circumstances” report Wednesday confirming they had been called to Ndamukong Suh’s house on complaints from a cable guy that the Detroit Lions captain had pulled a gun on him.

The incident happened just after 9 p.m. on Aug. 16. Prosecutors reviewed a lengthy police report and surveillance tape from Suh’s property before deciding not to press charges, saying there was insufficient evidence of a crime. The gun was later found to be a pellet gun, police said, though the worker apparently thought it was an AK-47.

This follows Suh facing one of the biggest fines in NFL history for an alleged low hit in last weekend’s game against the Vikings, and a long-held reputation as a “dirty player.”

The police incident started with the 22-year-old Comcast worker calling police saying he was working on a pole in Suh’s backyard on Pleasant Street when “he was confronted by the homeowner, who had a gun.” See the Ndamukong Suh complaint in its entirety HERE.

Suh allegedly told him to get off the property, started waving around what appeared to be a gun and yelling.

“At this time Ferrell became frightened and fearful for his life,” police said.

The worker said he offered to go to his truck and get his Comcast ID, noting that he was wearing a company-logo T-shirt, and said Suh just told him again to leave.

The guy walked back to his truck and called police, who found Suh not at home when they arrived. Suh’s sister was at the home and she called the Detroit Lions liaison for advice while cops waited outside.

She wanted police to speak to the liaison, they insisted on speaking to Suh.

“She stated she was trying and again closed the front door and remained in the residence. At that time she locked the front door and turned off the porch lights where officers were standing,” police said.

Eventually, the Lions representative worked it out for Suh to meet with officers at a team hotel in Dearborn, the report says. Suh defended his use of a pellet gun to confront the employee.

“Mr. Suh explained to officers that he was “in fear” for his and family members safety daily and would always protect his family (he stated, ‘If you think I show aggression on the football field, I would show more to protect my family)” the report says.

Suh turned over his pellet gun to police, and provided a surveillance tape of the incident, which police said showed his description of the incident was accurate. The pellet gun is being held by police for safekeeping, per the report. It’s listed as a drab green “varmint hunter HP” pellet gun.

“At no time in the video did Mr. Suh point the pellet gun at Mr. Ferrell in a threatening manner,” the report says. “The video shows the pellet gun in Suh’s right hand pointing at the ground,” police wrote in their report.

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