Leave it to a marching band to prove a classic college rivalry is still alive, if not stronger than ever.

The music-makers of Ohio State and the University of Michigan are throwing some daggers… formations, if you will.

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The whole thing started back on Aug. 31 when the Wolverines opened their season against the Central Michigan Chippewas.

During the halftime show, members of the U-M marching band aligned to form the script “OHNO” during their performance — a hit on Ohio State’s trademark “OHIO” formation. Their performance also spoofed their rival’s mascot Brutus Buckeye as a bad guy in a James Bond parody.

Well, members from Ohio State’s marching band fired back during their halftime show on Sept. 7.

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As the band is taking the field, the announcer asks the crowd if they’re ready to play America’s favorite game: “Are you smarter than a Wolverine?” Then, out of the cheering crowd emerges a “Wolverine fan” and an “Ohio State fan” for an impromptu game of “The Price is Right.” The host pulls out a t-shirt (he calls it a jersey) and asks how much each fan would pay for it, before finally saying the actual retail price “is worthless.”

Ball’s in your court now, Wolverines. .

Watch Michigan’s diss here:


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Watch Ohio State’s attempt at trashing Wolverine fans here: